Monday, June 19, 2006

migraine news roundup 1

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Consider this article from the UK's Guardian about the need for greater treatment of depression:

Depression and schizophrenia 'should be treated with therapy'

But we're still better off today than Abraham Lincoln was:

Mental Health and Illness - Bouncing Back from the Brink

Author Joshua Wolf Shenk, describes the doctor's treatments in those days as pretty primitive and ineffective and says it included starvation, cold water baths, mustard rubs, black pepper drinks, mercury purges and uses of leeches to draw blood.


A nice little article that explains the theory behind acupuncture (you've probably already heard of Qi) and what you can expect if you visit a practitioner. The needles really aren't scary. Seriously.

Acupuncture: Understanding what it's all about

Finally, a great NPR audio piece on taking a truckload of meds. I'm sure others of you out there can relate.

Adjusting My Attitude About My Pills

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