Tuesday, July 11, 2006

migraine news roundup 6

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Who would've thought a study on shrooms could actually yield potential for medical benefits?! Cool.

Magic mushrooms could help depression, say scientists
Scientists are to investigate a hallucinogenic chemical in "magic mushrooms" as a possible new treatment for depression, anxiety and drug dependence.

The move follows an unusual study which showed that the compound, psilocybin, can prompt long lasting positive changes in mood and behaviour.

I doubt that any migraineur who has tried HeadOn found it to be a highly effective treatment, but I have used it for its aromatherapy and cooling benefits.

Can A Roll-On Provide Migraine Pain Relief?
Doctor: HeadOn's Main Ingredient May Be Dangerous
Dr. Newman said there's no scientific evidence to support HeadOn's claims and the main ingredient, potassium dichromate, may even be dangerous.

"It's used to develop photographic prints and if you read about it, it says it should not come in contact with the skin," Newman explained.

The safety of HeadOn is probably something to consider. In my reading on potassium dichromate, I discovered that it is considered a carcinogen. However, because the level of exposure determines the danger posed by such compounds, it may be that the low level of potassium dichromate in this product poses very little risk.

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