Monday, July 03, 2006

things that are working for me

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Here are my thoughts on a couple of things I'm doing in my quest to get better control of my migraines.


I had an appointment with my acupuncture practitioner for the first time in a couple of months on Friday. It was heavenly. She treated points on my front, then my back, and also did some massage on my neck and shoulders, which are great sources of pain for me. I'll be trying to see her every other week from now on. I had taken a break because I felt guilty about the cost, but I'm just going to have to get over that.

Namaste Yoga

I found a fantastic yoga program on cable tv this weekend called Namaste Yoga. I've been trying to build a consistent yoga habit to get myself moving and deal with my pain, but it has been a challenge. This program just might make a difference. The scenery is beautiful and the poses are just right for me. I felt challenged, but not overwhelmed. It airs on Discovery's FitTV on my cable system, so if you get that channel you might check it out. It is a Canadian program, and I've been unable to find information indicating that it is airing on any US channels other than FitTV, though I will certainly update if I find more information.

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