Tuesday, August 29, 2006

but I love(d) to eat

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I've always been into food. I love to eat a nice meal, and I enjoy cooking. Add both to the ever-growing list of things I no longer enjoy much at all.

As time goes on, I'm finding that most foods make me incredibly nauseated, even when I'm otherwise feeling pretty okay. This all started when I went on anti-seizure medications for migraine prevention. I tolerated the Depakote pretty well, but it didn't do anything for the migraines. Then I went on Topamax. Like so many people do, I had horrible side effects. I lost about 40 pounds while I was on Topamax because I stopped eating almost completely. I couldn't stand how it felt to try to eat anything, so I didn't. Once it became crystal clear that Topamax wasn't having any kind of impact on my migraines, I stopped taking it and gave both Neurontin and Zonegran a chance. And even though the nausea got a bit better after the Topamax, it has remained at a high enough level that I have continued to lose weight and struggle with nausea on a day to day basis.

Most of my favorite foods still sound good in theory, but I often find the texture of ordinary foods like fruit or cheese completely disgusting and hard to get down. If I do eat, I usually end up with a stomachache within the hour. I'm relying heavily on Phenergan pills and Tums these days. They both help, and I'm certainly not complaining about losing weight because I have it to lose. I just wish I knew what is going on with my body. C thinks it is simply a natural result of having been sick for so long. I hope he's right.

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