Monday, August 07, 2006

my adventures in medical intuition

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I've intended to write about my experience with medical intuition / energy therapy for an entire week now. Clearly there have been some obstacles. Between stressing myself out by obsessing over the details of my husband's 30th birthday party and spending far too much time dealing with migraines, there was little room for blogging.

My experience was good, but I'm still not sure if I'll go back. I felt comfortable with the practitioner, G. She's a warm, big-hearted person, and I never felt that she was anything but completely sincere in her desire to help me to the extent she was capable.

We started off by talking for a while about why I came and my condition. I shared my migraine history in as much detail as I could, then G asked me more specific questions. She shared her impressions about my personality and how she thought it might be related to my migraines. Then G did some interesting (weird) breathing and worked on breaking up the places where she felt energy was trapped or blocked in my body. There was no actual body work involved - it was an almost entirely hands-off process. I was at her office for just over an hour, and I paid her $75 for her services.

I think G was right on about my tendencies, but I have to wonder whether she told me anything I didn't already know about myself. In the week I've had to reflect on the experience, I've come to the conclusion that she could have easily come up with everything she shared with me through what I told her. Maybe she does have some kind of sixth sense or innate ability to discover truths about other people, but I'm not convinced. Don't get me wrong - I don't attribute any malice to her or what she does. I am convinced that she truly believes in what she is doing. I'm just not sure that I do.

I felt great when I left, but I wanted to feel better. So who knows how much of that is attributable to the placebo effect. Of course, I think this begs the question, who cares what made you feel better? Well, I guess I do. If adopting the right frame of mind is helpful, I think I can learn to get there all by myself through meditation and yoga. And that won't cost me anything.

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