Tuesday, September 05, 2006


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Last week was bad. Really, really bad. One of those weeks where you feel like the world is conspiring to make life as difficult as possible. But Friday morning was enough to push me right off a cliff.

I'd had an appointment scheduled with my neurologist for Friday morning for three months. For some reason unknown to me, they cancelled that appointment and rescheduled it for September 18. My luck being what it is, I didn't find this out until I arrived at the hospital for my appointment. It's bad enough to find yourself stood up in this manner, but even worse when you had to drive an hour there and an hour back for the privilege.

It really didn't help the situation that the employee who informed me of the cancellation insisted on trying to prove that a letter had been mailed to me. I kindly informed her that I didn't care to waste any more of my time or hers.

Who knows what happened, but I really didn't need to deal with this. What I needed was to see my doctor. I'm not doing any better than I was in May, and I'm not pleased about waiting three more weeks for a chance to change things up.

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