Tuesday, September 19, 2006

football, family, and freedom

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We had the most fabulously relaxing weekend.

I did a lot of cleaning on Friday night while C was at work, so we had the rest of the weekend free for other household tasks and doing nothing at all. It felt great to be able to contribute more than usual to the household and suprise C with a clean house.

My parents came late Saturday afternoon and stayed overnight. My mom made us all some great homecooked meals, and we watched a lot of football. Suprisingly, there was almost no talk of illness. Between my chronic migraines and my dad's diabetes, we're a chronic family for sure. It was nice to be able to set all that aside and enjoy our time together.

I did have a fairly severe migraine when I woke up on Saturday, but I was able to treat it with Migranal and some Lortab. It was mostly gone by the time my parents arrived. I can deal with that!

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