Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Headache Impact Test

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Do you ever wonder if your doctor comprehends the extent to which headaches and migraine disease impact your life? It can be difficult to find a way to accurately describe the pain, disability, and interruption of your daily life. Many of us find ourselves minimizing what we experience, purposely or not, which makes it difficult for our doctors to get all the information they need to provide good care.

Keeping a headache diary is one way to show your doctor exactly how often you are dealing with migraines or their after effects. However, if you think it might be nice to have another tool at your disposal, I have a suggestion.

The Headache Impact Test is a series of questions developed by international headache experts. It is designed to accurately gauge the impact of headaches and migraines on your life. The few minutes it takes you to complete the questions may yield significant rewards in greater understanding between you and your treatment providers.

I was a bit suprised that my score was 68 out of 70, with 70 being the highest possible headache impact score. Obviously I am well aware that migraine disease severely limits my quality of life and my ability to do the things I want and need to do. But sometimes it is still shocking to realize just how bad things are. Maybe this knowledge will help me ease up on myself a little.

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