Friday, September 01, 2006

migraine news roundup 15

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This Nubella article discusses whether we're getting a good deal for what we spend on health care:

Are We Getting the Bang for Our Medical Buck?
"The rising cost of healthcare has been the source of a lot of saber-rattling in the media and the public square, without anyone seriously analyzing and discussing the benefits gained," said Dr. David Cutler, a study leader from Harvard. "But the dramatic increase in life expectancy that we've seen over the last decades shows that rising medical costs have been largely justified.

According to the study, Americans spent about $19,900 on medical care for each extra year of life gained over the past 40 years. Cutler says that's pretty good considering that insurers routinely pay for treatments that costs up to $100,000 for each additional year of life.

Critics, however, note that although health care costs eat up 16 percent of the nation's economic output, the United States still ranks below other countries that spend far less on medical care. They note the United States ranks 31st in longevity and 40th in the probability that a child will die before age 5 - two indications that an untold amount of healthcare spending is wasted.

"The reason why we're spending so much isn't that we're getting more services," says Dr. Gerard Anderson, hospital finance expert at Johns Hopkins University's School of Public Health. "The reason is we're paying much higher prices for the same services that other countries get."

An article about another form of energy therapy, hypnosis:

Hypnosis: Does It Work?
The psychodynamic view of hypnosis is based upon both the ability of the unconscious and the conscious parts of the mind to work separately (the "dissociation" cited above) and the suggestibility of the subject. You must be able to surrender a degree of ego control and allow the hypnotist to guide you into a hypnotic state (trance) via the power of suggestion. Because of this overt manipulation of consciousness, hypnotic trance is viewed as an altered state of consciousness; of heightened suggestibility.

10 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you're anything like me, between preventatives, supplements, and treatment medications, I bring along a lot of medication when I travel. With the new restrictions on carry-on items, making sure you have what you need and are allowed to bring it on board with you is more confusing than ever. This article has some really helpful advice for air travel with your medications:

Travel Tips for those Carrying Medications

Advice we can all use:

10 Tips for a Sound Sleep

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