Friday, September 22, 2006

nerves that jingle jangle jingle

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It's odd how nerve wracking the first few appointments with a new doctor can be. I find the period when you're still getting to know each other and feeling out the relationship pretty intimidating.

Yesterday I had my second appointment with my new neurologist, Dr. W. I started getting the jitters once I confirmed my appointment the day before. It had been rescheduled twice, so I definitely didn't want to start worrying before I knew the appointment was really going to happen. It would be best if I could get past the need to worry entirely, but I'm taking baby steps in the right direction.

Once the worrying started, it came on strong. I worried that I would feel pressured to try a treatment I didn't feel comfortable with. I worried about how to bring up my dissatisfaction with having my appointment changed twice and my discomfort with going four months in between appointments. I worried that Dr. W wouldn't take my concerns seriously or really understand the impact of these chronic migraines on my life.

Writing out the things I wanted to discuss during the appointment helped soothe my worries some. I felt prepared to be assertive and clear in communicating my needs and concerns. It felt good to walk into this appointment armed with the information we would both need to work on a solution to the management of my condition.

I left the appointment feeling great about this budding relationship. Dr. W has shown herself extremely knowledgable in the treatment of headaches. She is a good communicator, responsive to my concerns, and understands the impact migraine disease has on my life. I'm hopeful that I may have finally found my "total package" neurologist.

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