Friday, September 08, 2006


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I'm hanging on by a thread right now, trying to keep myself going through the rest of the work day. TGIF has rarely felt as completely true as it does this moment.

I've not been able to get much sleep this week and nothing I try to do seems to make a difference. My neck is killing me. I've got a largely unexplained issue with a section of the left side of my neck, and for the past two days, it has hurt so much I've been near tears a couple of times.

Never having any time with my husband, C, is taking its toll on me, too. On both of us. We work different shifts. He is home during the day, while I'm at work when I feel well enough or stuck in bed when I don't. He goes to work mid-afternoon and returns around 12:30 AM, so I'm at home alone (well, with Felix) every single evening. It is hard to feel yourself when your best friend and favorite companion doesn't get to share in much of your life.

Happily, we're planning a lazy weekend at home, just the two of us. There will be lots of hanging around together, watching football and movies, reading, and sleeping. Fingers crossed on the sleeping, anyway.

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