Thursday, September 14, 2006

what next

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Because I obviously haven't groveled enough to warrant actually being seen a second time by my new neurologist, they've once again changed my appointment.

I had already waited three months for my follow up visit, but I wanted to try to just be patient, give the changes from my May appointment a chance to help (or not), and have my ongoing issues addressed at that time. Well, they cancelled that appointment and didn't let me know until I arrived for it. I was informed that I'd been rescheduled for September 18.

Today I got a message that my appointment has once again been rescheduled for September 21. That will make it four months since my last appointment.

This is the fourth neurologist I've seen in the past three years. I was starting to think that maybe I've been too demanding. Maybe the problem is that I haven't been demanding enough. This is just ridiculous.

So much of my life is consumed with migraines, and I can't even get in to see my doctor to try anything new. Fantastic.