Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lamictal update

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I hate to speak too soon and jinx myself, but I am ready to give an update on the Lamictal.

I have been taking it for just over three weeks. I started the medication by taking 25 mg for the first two weeks. Dr. W instructed me to move up to 50 mg for weeks three and beyond. I am supposed to report back to her by phone at the end of six weeks.

So far, I have not experienced any side effects, including the dreaded rash. It is too soon for me to have any idea whether it is helping me or not, but I am pleased that it has not yet made me feel any worse.

It is nice to be able to feel like there is a chance this will help me. Between this and the Botox injections, I feel a bit hopeful. For now anyway!

On a related note, Migrainiously Yours has also been taking Lamictal for migraine prevention. He had to stop for a while because he became afflicted with the dreaded rash, but seemed to be doing better with migraines on it. I hope he is able to achieve that level of control on a lower dose and that I experience the same results, sans the dreaded rash, of course.

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