Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Even if you have been telling yourself for months that you will probably get fired, I found that when the moment finally came, I was a little bit shocked. I guess some part of me hoped it would never happen. I would get better and the improvements in my health would make it possible for me to dive back into work and set my career back on track. I still hope I will get better, of course, but it is way too late to salvage anything from this work experience.

Overall, it was a relief to finally get the boot. Having that hanging over my head was incredibly stressful. I definitely do not need anything else to stress about. Of course I am worried about money. And incredibly scared. But the sense of relief I feel is significant. Something inside of me knows this needed to happen.

But there is one thought keeps running through my mind: Can I get a refund on that expensive law school education? I love the law. I love studying the law. But I do not love my career any more. I want something different for myself. Though I now feel more free to persue that, I still cringe when I think about all the debt we took on. I feel some regret about that.

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