Saturday, November 18, 2006

a plan

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First things first, thank you for reaching out and letting me know that I am not alone. As many of you know, when you are feeling this "dark and twisty", you need all the understanding and encouragement you can get.

More importantly, I have a plan of action, which has been developed only because earlier today I opened up to my mom about how I am feeling. Being that honest was harder for me than I know how to describe, but I trust that taking that first scary step might make the ones that will follow slightly more bearable.

THE PLAN: On Monday morning, I will force myself out of bed, and I will make an ASAP appointment with my therapist and my acupuncturist.

No ifs, ands, or buts. I really mean it. Period. I promised my mom I would (I really did), and I am putting it in writing here to officially promise myself. I fully expect to be gently reminded of this promise by my sweet, loving mom if I do not follow through.

Oh, and while I'm giving recognition where it is due, I would like to acknowledge Heather at Dooce. She is one of the many writers who inspire me and reading her blog has provided me with innumerable glee, but her candid discussion of her own struggles with disabling depression has given me the courage to speak this openly about my own depression.

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