Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving memories

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I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday had a lovely holiday weekend. C and I spent the weekend visiting my family. Overall, it was a fun and relaxing time, but it went way too fast. Even though I was struggling with this consuming depression, I managed to enjoy myself and let go of some of my worries for a few days.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the fall weather, the food, and time with family absent the overblown expectations of giving and receiving spectacular gifts.

I have many good memories of all the Thanksgiving days spent at my grandparents' house eating my grandma's wonderful food, playing with my cousins, and riding horses. As my cousins and I got older, the family did not always spend Thanksgiving together. My grandparents were getting older and everyone was so busy. Eventually, my mom started cooking the meal and my parents hosted the holiday. It was nice, but not the same. Now that all of the cousins are grown up, we have a new family tradition that rivals the way back when tradition of gathering at my grandparents' farm. We all come to my aunt's house and spend the long weekend eating too much, watching football, and playing with the kiddos. We don't see each other often enough throughout the year, so it is nice to know we will all make it a point to gather together at Thanksgiving time.

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