Monday, January 29, 2007

while we were surviving

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As my husband C and I emerge from a rough period in our lives brought on by my chronic migraines, we are both noticing so many things about our relationship that we had been ignorning.

Instead of working through issues as they arose, in the interest of trying to get by day to day, we completely neglected our relationship. Now it's like we're coming out of a dark tunnel into the daylight and seeing the problems we've let fester during that difficult time.

We're still very much in love and enjoy the time we spend together, but what little ability we ever had to effectively communicate has been lost because we didn't keep the skill polished.

It has been a bit of a shock to realize how bad we let things get while I was sick. I felt so lucky that I have the kind of partner who stood by me and took care of me to the best of his ability when I needed that. But we have been left with a great need to reconnect as a couple. It almost seems like we have become friends and roommates more than anything and that just cannot continue.

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