Wednesday, February 14, 2007

omega-3s for depression

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I read a short article this morning stating that there is little reason to use omega-3 fatty acids to treat depression.

There is little evidence to back omega-3 fatty acids as a depression treatment

I think this article misstates the role omega-3 fatty acids could have as part of a comprehensive depression management plan. The truth is that there is some evidence indicating that omega-3s can be helpful, though the research is still fairly limited.

A University of Kansas psychology professor, Steve Ilardi, advocates what he calls Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) for people experiencing depression, which includes taking omega-3s. It has six basic steps:

(1) aerobic exercise
(2) adequate sleep
(3) natural sunlight exposure
(4) omega-3 fatty acid supplements
(5) enhanced social interaction
(6) increased activity to prevent
rumination (repetitive negative

You can read more about it here: Elements of TLC

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