Monday, February 26, 2007

a wider impact

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This tool is a fantastic idea. We all know that being a migraineur is about more than just the attacks themselves, but it can be hard to convey that in a way your doctor will understand.

New Instrument Developed To Measure Impact Of Migraine On Patients' Lives When They Are Not Experiencing An Attack

Previously, only instruments designed to measure the ictal burden of migraine (or the pain and suffering patients experience during an attack) were available to health care professionals. In this study, researchers uncovered items that measure the impact of migraine that occurs between attacks. They developed the 16-item MIBS which measures the burden in four key areas: disruption at work and school, interference in family and social life, difficulty planning activities and emotional consequences. The researchers hypothesized that as patients may be frequently thinking about when the next migraine attack might strike, they may limit activities not just during at attack but also in between attacks.

"In addition to the pain and disability patients experience during a migraine attack, migraine may also affect patients' lives and the lives of their families in other ways," said Dawn Buse, Ph.D., lead study investigator and Director of Psychology at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. "Patients reported feeling frustrated, guilty about missing family or work activities, and helpless because their headaches controlled their lives. We are currently tailoring the MIBS for use in clinicians' offices, to help them improve communication with patients about the impact of migraine and to assist them in creating comprehensive treatment plans."

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