Monday, March 12, 2007

Anna Nicole was a migraineur

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Teri Robert, formerly of About Headaches & Migraines, has an excellent post up on the site she recently became affiliated with, My Migraine Connection. In it, she discusses the unacknowledged tragedy of celebrity migraineurs like Anna Nicole Smith who die under suspicious circumstances and are mistakenly labeled as drug addicts. As you may or may not know, Elvis falls into this category, too.

Anna Nicole Smith, Topamax, Methadone, Elvis, & Karma
The news has been plentiful and redundant lately with stories about Anna Nicole Smith's life and death. Stories about her baby and who the father might be, stories about the death of her son, and more. Some so-called journalists have seen fit to report that she was taking Topamax, which is of interest to some Migraineurs because Topamax is sometimes prescribed for Migraine prevention. But did these journalists bother to do the research to see why she was taking Topamax? No, those whose reports I've seen did not.

And while I'm discussing the content on My Migraine Connection, I'd like to encourage you to check out the new and improved site. There have been many, many changes there since Teri came on board, and the redesigned site and new content look awesome.

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