Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jeff Tweedy

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I'm really digging the new Wilco song, "What Light." Tip: you can download it for free at their website.

I've always felt a strong connection to Wilco's lead Jeff Tweedy. He's struggled with chronic migraines most of his life, same as me, and ended up going into rehab for addiction to painkillers. It sounds like he's doing really well now and that his migraines are finally under control. I'm so glad for him. I firmly believe that having migraines when you're a young child shapes your life in remarkably powerful ways. I often identify strongly with other people who have shared that experience.

I read in Rolling Stone that he became dependent on painkillers because he couldn't bring himself to find out what he would feel like without them. In other words, to find out whether he had a headache. It is a little scary how easily I can relate to that sentiment. When you're nearly constantly in pain, you start to act out of fear and desperation. I have incredible respect for his courage in seeking help.

Tweedy's Ghost Stories
The Wilco frontman knows only one cure for anxiety: pick up a guitar

While making the record, Tweedy -- who has suffered for years from chronic migraines -- began taking pills around the clock for his headaches. "I knew it was a problem, but I didn't want to let them get out of my system and find out if I even had a headache," he says. Tweedy has battled depression and various addictions for most of his adult life. "I'd never gotten help for the addiction side of things," Tweedy says. "I have been treated for depression and severe panic disorder.
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