Thursday, May 31, 2007

music as makeshift therapy

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Music is widely acknowledged as a therapeutic mechanism for people suffering with many different kinds of health issues. Very few things pick up my mood these days, but when I remind myself to turn on my favorite iTunes playlist, I find the music really does help.

Obviously you should turn to whatever music moves and soothes you, but here is a sampling of what I've been listening to and gaining comfort from. These were all chosen because I find them simple, beautiful, relatively upbeat and soft, but not too draining.

Feist - 1234
Feist - The Reminder - 1234

Wilco - What Light
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky - What Light

Brandi Carlilie - Throw It All Away
Brandi Carlile - Brandi Carlile - Throw It All Away

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope
Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope - Better

TV on the Radio - Playhouses
TV On the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain - Playhouses

Tori Amos - Big Wheel
Tori Amos - American Doll Posse - Big Wheel

Bright Eyes - Four Winds
Bright Eyes - Cassadaga - Four Winds

I also have a "Wallowing" playlist (seriously, that's what it's called), but I had to force myself to stop listening to it. I don't need any help driving myself over the edge.

Let me know what you think of these choices and share your faves in the comments.

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