Wednesday, July 25, 2007

something to look forward to

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One of the things I've missed most about our change in circumstances due to my chronic migraines is the opportunity to travel. C and I both love to see new places and have new experiences. Though we were able to visit Maui this past October and had a wonderful time, I can't imagine when we'll be able to take even a long weekend getaway any time soon. And I find that so darned depressing.

One of the great suggestions offered by Dr. O is that we plan some day trips in our area on the cheap. I just keep asking myself why I didn't think of it. But I guess that's why she's therapist. She knows her stuff.

About a month ago we spent a wonderful Sunday at the zoo for less than $20. I have many other ideas for fun things we can do, such as visiting the Eisenhower and Truman Presidential Libraries (yes, I'm a geek) and visiting other local museums.

It's fun to have something to plan and look forward to.

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