Wednesday, August 08, 2007

building relationships at work

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If you don't already subscribe to Rosalind Joffe's "Out in Front" newsletter and read her blog, "Keep Working, Girlfriend," you must start now. The August newsletter recently arrived in my inbox and left me deep in thought about its central message: building loyalty in the workplace.

Work and chronic illness can be a super tricky combination. It is always a delicate balance, and even the smoothest of relationships can be upset by unexpected events and challenges. Which is where Rosalind's advice about building loyalty comes into play.

This is not something I've done a particularly well. I'm not very social by nature, and my depression and social anxiety make me even less inclined to build relationships with co-workers.

For now I'm trying to take baby steps in the right direction and build a reputation as a team player who puts out good work. It's important to have a stock pile of goodwill built up for times when your health makes it impossible to perform at your best.

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