Friday, August 31, 2007

migraine links: learn a little, play a lot

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From time to time, I plan to share a list of websites I'm digging at the moment. In order to live the best lives we can despite our migraines, we want and need to keep on the latest health news. But we need to have fun, too. I hope these links will help you do both.

Here is the first list, by category.

  • Chronic Babe - For babes who just happen to have chronic illness.
This awesome site is targeted toward younger women who are living with any variety of chronic illness. Content includes articles on such diverse topics as career, home life, sex and family, a help desk with an enormous number of resources for chronic chicks and news in the form of "Chronic Bits".
If you are having trouble paying for the medication necessary to prevent and treat your migraines or other health conditions, get thee to this site. You'll find everything you ever needed to know and more about how to get help paying for your prescriptions.

This game is so addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.
The website for this magazine is the best way to waste time. It's brilliant.

Debra's site is your one-stop-shop for all topics related to natural living. Features include a huge list of shopping recommendations, a Q&A blog and twice-monthly entries detailing the day-to-day realities of Debra's experiences living a green and simple life.
The most fantastic, fun podcast about living an eco-friendly lifestyle. You won't find any preaching here. Just lots of good advice and information to help you make changes in your life that will improve the health of your family and the earth. I listen to this religiously every single week, and I've come to feel like I know the hosts Dori and Val in real life through their warm personalities and infectious spirits.


These adorable little cards are printed with one of your photos on one side and your choice of text on the other. Use them as moving cards, calling cards, business cards - you name it. They're completely irresistible. Moo is integrated with Flickr, making it a snap to use photos you've already uploaded to your account.
Distinctive, colorful modern personalized note cards, calling cards, party invitations and announcements. These are so much fun.

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