Thursday, August 16, 2007

moving that mountain of medical debt

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Even if you have insurance, you're probably well aware of the cost of even one visit to the emergency room to treat an impossible migraine. Between all the testing and appointments and emergencies, the costs add up fast. And many people don't have insurance at all. You may have accepted the notion that you're at the complete mercy of your creditors, but that isn't necessarily true.

The Wisebread blog had a fantastic post earlier this week that walks you through the steps of eliminiating your medical debt.

How to Erase Your Medical Debt
one of the best-kept secrets in the healthcare industry is that there are financial and charitable aid programs available to alleviate the financial burden caused by medical expenses.

Almost every hospital has a charitable or financial aid department associated with the billing and collections office. With out getting into the particulars, the financial aid department has a “magic wand” that can erase some, if not all, of your medical bills.

If you're living under the burden of medical debt, I highly encourage you to explore your options. Being sick is hard enough without the emotional strain of a financial downward spiral.

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