Tuesday, August 28, 2007

where to begin with starting over

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I've come back around to the idea of trying some new preventative options. My weary, defeated feelings are starting to fade, and I've got to do something about the frequency of my migraines. I've been doing some research and really digging in to try to find some off-the-beaten path possibilities. I've been on a number of the most common preventatives, so creativity in exploring other ideas is a necessity.

In the past I have been on: Depakote, Inderal, Topamax, Gabapentin, Zonegran, Lamictal, Nortryptaline, Lexapro, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Frova, Celebrex, Prednisone, Zanaflex, Skelaxin, Feverfew, CoQ10, B2/riboflavin, Omegea-3 and magnesium. I'm currently taking Toprol and Celexa.

These are the ideas that seem most promising:

- trying Lamictal again
I didn't have any side effects from it, and I wonder if it might have been helping. I was far too depressed when I was on it to have any idea whether it was or not. Additionally, there is strong evidence that it is helpful to patients who have migraine with aura.

- increase dose of Toprol
It has not been particularly helpful to me, but perhaps it would be on a higher dose.

- other anti-seizure meds
Lyrica and Namenda are on my list.

- commonly recommended meds I haven't yet tried
Verapamil and Amitryptaline come to mind.

- other interesting ideas I've read about
Naproxen or Naproxen Sodium and time-release DHE both interest me.

If any of you have thoughts, succeses or failures to share, please speak up and leave a comment.

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