Friday, September 14, 2007

migraine links: learn a little, play a lot 2

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From time to time, I plan to share a list of websites I'm digging at the moment. In order to live the best lives we can despite our migraines, we want and need to keep on the latest health news. But we need to have fun, too. I hope these links will help you do both.

Here is today's list, by category.

Anyone who lives with an invisible illness like migraines can relate to the difficulties in helping people around you understand the ways in which your life is impacted by your disease. You'll find many thoughtful articles and kindred spirits at this site.
The National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine website is the jumping off point for information about options outside those conventionally used in Western medicine.
The public radio stations in my area don't carry this program. Luckily most public radio content, including Fair Game, is available in podcast form. I listen to this every single day and never come remotely close to boredom. It's that good.
If you miss an episode of your favorite show, head straight to TWP to get the full scoop. Chat with other rabid fans of your favorite shows on the TWP message boards.

Pick up one of these super nifty gadgets and use the sun to charge all your favorite gadgets - iPod, cell phone, etc.
Use this free resource to look up safety information about your favorite beauty products and find healthier alternatives.


This little internet store has the most fantastic selection of scents. It's better than you can possibly imagine. My recommendations include anything in the Bad Puppy or Child scents.
This clothing line for sizes 12+ offers some of the most stylish, of the moment clothing options for curvy gals. They cover all the bases, from career wear to black tie options.
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