Friday, October 12, 2007

migraine links: learn a little, play a lot 3

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From time to time, I plan to share a list of websites I'm digging at the moment. In order to live the best lives we can despite our migraines, we want and need to keep on the latest health news. But we need to have fun, too. I hope these links will help you do both.

Here is today's list, by category.

The IDA website provides information, advice and support for people living with invisible chronic illnesses. A large section of the site is focused on how to help your family and friends understand how your condition impacts your life: Articles to Help Loved Ones Understand. provides a very nice primer on food safety issues and advice on eating healthy, safe food on a budget.


This fabulously funny podcast brings me joy each and every time I listen. We all need to laugh as much as possible, and Keith and Chemda help me in that quest. I especially enjoy the Thursday shows when Patrice appears as a regular guest. If you don't laugh at those Thursday shows you may need to be checked for a malfunctioning funny bone.
In this clever blog, HR professionals assess the potential liability Dunder Miflin might face (if it was real) due to Michael Scott's over-the-top antics in each new episode of NBC's The Office. What a fun and unique take on a hugely popular show.

I recently started listening to this inspirational podcast. Kimberly Wilson is an accessible, fun guide to living a rich life through yoga and translating yogic concepts to life outside of the practice.
This website covers everything religion related, from basic information about the tenants of every religion known to man to inspirational stories and advice. One of my favorite components is Therese Borchard's Beyond Blue blog.
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