Friday, November 09, 2007

AHS on 'Headache Hygiene'

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The American Headache Society website offeres a great description of good practices for migraine patients appropriately called Headache Hygiene. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but it never hurts to remind ourselves of the basic steps we can take to normalize the variables we have control over in our lives. Sometimes even the most educated and conscious among us can benefit from a refresher on these points. Reading through them always reminds me of the factors I've been letting slide and encourages me to be more vigilant.

AHS: Headache Hygiene

AHS recommends that migraineurs:
- maintain regular sleep patterns
- exercise daily
- don't skip meals
- reduce stress
- avoid known triggers
- establish healthy daily routines

A number of these factors can be improved by how well you plan ahead. I know that I won't always feel up to cooking for myself, so I make a point of always keeping healthy, quick fix food options on hand. Healthy frozen dinners, soup, cereal, scrambled eggs and salads can be ready to eat in a heartbeat and keep my body regulated and happy.

Cultivating a meditation habit is an excellent way to reduce your stress and foster perspective on the difficult situations in your life. It is impossible and unrealistic to eliminate all the things that cause you stress. But you can train yourself to deal with the stressful situations that arise in better ways.

Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by freaking out about adapting to all these suggestions at once. Take it one thing at a time and just do your best. Your body will thank you for it.

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