Thursday, November 15, 2007

migraine links: learn a little, play a lot 4

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From time to time, I share a list of websites I'm digging at the moment. In order to live the best lives we can despite our migraines, we want and need to keep on the latest health news. But we need to have fun, too. I hope these links will help you do both.

Here is today's list, by category.

Shauna's writing is about food first, in all its glorious, sensory detail. Her candid discussions of gluten-free living will help people grieving the loss of wheat-based items from their lives by helping them discover the joy of the foods they can safely eat and enjoy.
This site promotes awareness of ways to prevent and manage chronic illnesses and advocates for policy changes necessary to assist chronically ill individuals live their best lives.

If you're a book geek like me, you'll love this site's thoughtful reviews and candid author interviews.
Head to this great blog for music selections that fly under the radar and are well worth a listen.

I'm an adamant advocate of choosing food grown as close to home as possible. This site is invaluable in finding local farmers and other food producers in your area. If you're just starting to try to eat local, you may be suprised at how many opportunities there are in your area. As you plan your Thanksgiving meal, visit Local Harvest to find organic heirloom turkeys and produce grown in your area.
If you have questions about where to recycle various items in your area, this website is a great place to start. You can search for recycling centers by zip code and/or product. Now you have no excuse for throwing batteries or paint in the regular trash.

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