Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why not? Forming a new migraine management strategy

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We're having a bad winter storm complete with heavy freezing rain and power outages. I felt I needed to cancel my neurologist appointment for tomorrow because I don't feel especially confident I'll be able to make it on my own in this weather.

As is so often the case, this decision may have been meant to be.

As I was catching up on my online reading last night, I came across one of Teri Robert's informative posts on My Migraine Connection. It set off a light bulb in my head that may be leading me down the right path. Finally.

Teri's post was a wonderfully descriptive account of her experience visiting Dr. John Claude Krusz's headache and pain clinic in Dallas: Migraines, Headaches, Pain and HOPE. In reading through her impressions and descriptions of the patients helped while she was visiting, I thought, "Why not me?"

I looked up Dr. Krusz's profile on My Migraine Connection, where he is an expert contributor, John Claude Krusz: Migraine Specialist, and googled his clinic's website, Anodyne Headache & Pain Center. I liked what I saw. I started to feel more and more certain this was an avenue worth exploring. But what about the cost?

I talked to my mom about going to the clinic, and she was enthusiastic about the option and let me know in no uncertain terms that she and my dad are eager to do whatever it takes to get me the help I need.

I called the clinic this afternoon to get some information about how it would work for me to go down there and the costs involved. I have an appointment to go for three days after the new year, and my mom is going to go with me.

I don't want to be unrealistic and overly eager, but I am truly hopeful. I had a brief moment after I got off the phone when
my heart felt swollen up with hope and I cried tears of joy. Tears of pain have been the order of things for far too long.

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