Tuesday, January 08, 2008

goals: wrapping up 2007 & on to 2008

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2007 Goals - Wrapping Up

Read 50 books. (As of today, 69/50 read. I rocked this goal out this year!)

Watch 100 movies. (As of today, 104/100 watched.) (I made it! And then some.)

Cook dinner at least once a week. (My health has made this impossible lately. I don't feel a bit guilty, though. I do the best I can.)

Make 5 eco-friendly changes in my habits/behaviors/our household. - These are all met! Woo hoo!
  1. Purchase, put up, and use outdoor clothesline and use indoor drying rack (instead of electric dryer).
    (Done on 4/22/07)
  2. Purchase and use four additional CFLs. (As of today, 7/4 in use.)
  3. Purchase reusable, ceramic hand soap dispensers; fill with Dr. Bronners soap. (Done on 2/24/07)
  4. Switch to menstrual cup and reusable, cloth pads. (Done on 3/8/07)
  5. Start compost bin. (Done on 4/24/07)
Stick with therapy. (I quit going in March, but restarted in May and have stuck with it ever since. Go me!)

Use my reusable shopping bags - use no more than 12 24 single-use bags all year. (Amended) - As of today, 24/24 used.

Take a yoga class. (This isn't going to happen. Maybe in the new year.)

Take a class at the Merc (local co-op). (This isn't going to happen until the new year, either.)

2008 Goals

More than resolutions, I'd call these goals and aspirations. They're things I'd really like to do, but if circumstances change, I won't care if they are no longer priorities for me. This list definitely assumes that I'm feeling about the same as I am now all year. Hopefully that won't be the case, and if so, there are many other things I want to do with my life. But I can be very content with these ideas in the meantime.

(1) Read 60 books.
(2) Watch 100 new movies.
(3) Complete an online educational course.
(4) Write at least 208 posts for Somebody Heal Me (about 4 a week).
(5) Use no more than 25 disposable bags.
(6) Cook one complete meal a month.
(7) Bake something each month.
(8) Pitch 5 magazine articles.
(9) Try to grow tomatoes.
(10) Adopt a dog.
(11) Take a class at The Merc.
(12) Finish putting together wedding photo album.
(13) Complete a knitting project.

If you've established goals for 2008 and/or set them for 2007, please share what they are and the outcomes in the comments. Or just share your thoughts generally on goal setting and new year's resolutions.

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