Sunday, January 13, 2008

shocking news: I have diabetes

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I have a huge post about my trip to the headache & pain clinic in Dallas to share with you this week, but I couldn't wait any longer to discuss the most shocking news to come out of my visit.

It turns out that I'm an out of control diabetic. My dad has had type 2 diabetes for quite a few years, so it's not completely out of the blue. But knowing my family history begs the question of why I haven't been tested for it ever before.

I have an appointment with my primary care doctor tomorrow morning. My friend Christine also gave me the name of her husband's endocrinologist, who he really likes. The only thing I know right now is that my hemoglobin A1C level is 11.5% and a normal level is under 7%, preferably under 6%.

In addition to the diabetes, a few other tests came back with noteworthy results. I have a low vitamin D level, insulin growth factor and thyroid function. All of these issues could be playing a role in my migraines, pain and assorted health concerns. It will take some time to see how they all interact as we make changes to address each item.

I'm trying not to make any decisions about whether I will look for a new primary care doctor until after my appointment tomorrow, but my gut is telling me that it would be unwise to keep seeing someone who overlooked really basic testing all this time. Regardless of what I decide to do, this isn't going to be an easy situation to handle.

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