Friday, January 25, 2008

Sicko nominated for Oscar

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Michael Moore's newest documentary film Sicko has been nominated for Best Documentary in the 80th Annual Academy Awards.

Sicko examines the U.S. health care system and highlights the huge flaws that leave both the insured and the millions of uninsured Americans caught in it's gaps. Moore tackles these issues in the same in-your-face manner people have grown to either love or hate in such groundbreaking films as Roger & Me and Bowling for Columbine.

Whether you agree with the perspective he presents, Michael Moore was undeniably ahead of the curve in jump starting a national discussion on a topic of vital importance. It's a significant worry for all of us, but especially those of us who regularly rely on the health care system and are forced to try to navigate it while staying within our financial limitations.

I was incredibly moved by the stories shared in the film. They hit rather close to home, but also left me feeling thankful that I haven't encountered any major obstacles in getting insurance to pay for my care. Even better, I'm lucky enough to have a family that can afford to pay for some of my care out of pocket, eliminating at least partially the need to do battle with my insurance company over certain treatment approaches and seeing certain doctors.

I have no idea how Sicko stacks up to the other nominees, but I'm thrilled to see Moore recognized for his work in igniting discussion on an important topic. If you haven't seen it yet, look for it on DVD wherever you like to rent or buy them.

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