Monday, March 24, 2008

upcoming plans to see my doctors

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Plans are underway for me to head back to Anodyne Headache and Pain Care in Dallas to continue working on preventing and treating my migraines. Nothing is set yet, but my mom and I are thinking we'll drive down and stay for a few days again sometime within the next month. I'll know more when I've had a chance to talk to Dr. Krusz and his staff this week.

I've been feeling pretty terrible for the past three weeks. I'm starting to become more convinced all the time that Namenda is not going to be an effective preventative for me. I've been taking the therapeutic dose of 20 mg for more than a month now, but perhaps Dr. Krusz will want to increase the dose. If not I guess we'll probably be ready to move on to a different option. Although I've tried so many things, I know there are still some options to consider, including Botox injections.

This Thursday I have a second appointment with my endocrinologist to see how I'm doing with my diabetes as compared with the first visit. I've been dutifully avoiding soda, eating fairly healthy and checking my blood glucose often, but my levels have not been as low as they need to be. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I might have to start taking insulin. Dr. M II had indicated I might need to do that, but decided to wait and see how I did with an increase in oral meds first. I hate the idea of injecting insulin four times a day, but if that is what my body needs I'll just have to get used to the idea.

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