Tuesday, April 29, 2008

migraine forums: your virtual support system

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Living with migraines can be isolating and depressing. You may find yourself feeling as though no one quite understands the challenges or the physical and emotional pain you experience.

You may also be overwhelmed by questions about how to treat and prevent your migraines and wonder how others with migraines approach these questions. What medications are other people using? Are their doctors approaching things the same way as yours? Should you be concerned about certain symptoms or side effects? What tips and tricks do other migraineurs use to cope with their attacks?

The variety of online support groups and forums available to migraineurs offer opportunities to answer these (and many more) questions, the chance to share your experiences with others and a comfortable fit for many different personalities.

I've compiled a list of forums I'm familiar with, including some I sometimes participate in. Are there others you are aware of and enjoy using? If so, share them in the comments.

About.com Headache/Migraine Support Forum
Brain Talk Headache & Migraine Community
But You Don't Look Sick Message Boards
The Daily Headache Forums
Healing Well Migraine / Headache Forum
iVillage Migraines & Headaches Message Board
My Migraine Connection Forums
WebMD Coping With Migraines Message Board
WEGO Health Migraine Discussions

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