Friday, April 18, 2008

weary of so many daily medications

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For the past couple of weeks I have trying hard to tune in to my intuition and follow the cues sent by my body and spirit in the choices I make, both big and small, throughout each day.

As you might expect, my body is asking for many of the things I know I need to provide for it: light exercise, whole foods, fresh air and sunlight.

The more I practice listening, however, the more I hear myself asking if it might be possible to get off some of these daily medications. I'm on a grip load of daily medications and periodically take other meds for migraine treatment. I'm increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

But the question I'm left with time and again is what I can reasonably get rid of without compromising my short and long term health. I'm on medication to treat prehypertension, diabetes, depression and cholesterol. I'm on another medication to prevent migraines, Namenda, but haven't experienced any benefit from it in the three months I've been taking it. I could easily get rid of that one, but I'd ideally want to replace it with something in an effort to finally find an effective preventative. Not one of these medications seems remotely optional.

My plan for now is to concentrate on the factors I can control. I'm trying to refocus on eating really good whole foods. I'm fitting more meditation into my day. I'm going back to receive acupuncture and massage therapy. And I'm trying to get myself out into the sunshine for some light exercise. It's hard to do when you have so many migraines, but it feels great when I do it.

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