Tuesday, May 20, 2008

initial thoughts on ketamine nasal spray

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Less than a week into using the ketamine nasal spray at home I have some thoughts to share about the experience thus far.

The mental cloudiness lingers much longer when I use this form than when I've received ketamine by IV at Dr. Krusz's clinic. I've been surprised by this stark distinction.

Additionally, the ketamine seems to be making me somewhat paranoid, suspicious and (mentally) uncomfortable. I usually fall asleep when I'm treated with ketamine by IV, so perhaps it would have affected me similarly if I was awake, but using this nasal spray form has brought some odd thoughts and sensations into my mind. I'm hoping this will be a short term phenomenon.

I've only had one migraine since leaving Dallas last week, but the ketamine nasal spray did not help relieve it. This disappoints me a bit because the IV ketamine has been extremely helpful to me in the clinic.

While I do think the ketamine may be helping keep some migraines at bay for now, I don't know whether it will ever be an effective tool I can rely on for treatment of acute migraines. When I couldn't take the migraine any longer last Thursday and felt sure the ketamine wasn't going to take care of it I ended up using an orally disintegrating Zomig tablet, which knocked it out pretty well. I was glad I had that on hand for back up.

Admittedly, we're still in the early stages here. I think my observations thus far may be of interest, but I have no idea how things will go over the long term. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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