Monday, May 19, 2008

migraine mission 2: my second trip to Dallas

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As promised, here is my recap of last week's Dallas trip.

My mom drove me to Dallas last Sunday for my Monday appointment with Dr. Krusz at Anodyne Headache & Pain Care. I'd been miserably sick all weekend, so I slept most of the way there.

On Monday morning they started me right away on an IV of magnesium and ketamine to treat the lingering migraine I was still dealing with. I also met with Dr. Krusz to talk about how I've been doing and discuss my medication situation.

We decided it made sense to increase the Namenda to 40 mg a day, to go back on Armour Thyroid despite my endocrinologist's view that I didn't need it and to try a nasal spray version of ketamine, which is to be used daily for prevention and as needed for treatment of acute migraines. Ketamine is not ordinarily available in the U.S., so a compounding pharmacy in the Dallas area filled my prescription and mailed it to me.

I felt really good after that first IV, and my mom and I enjoyed a nice day kicking around Dallas. I also went for a nice swim that afternoon. It felt great.

I went back for another IV treatment of magnesium and ketamine on Tuesday, then we hit the road to head back home. It was a whirlwind trip, but neither my mom nor I saw any reason to hang around if I was finished at the clinic. We were comfortable at our hotel, but very happy to get home.

I've now been using the ketamine for a few days now, and the verdict is still out. It did not do much at all to relieve the acute migraine I had on Thursday, but it does seem to be helping keep them at bay. At least I hope it is. Fingers crossed, as ever, this might be a key factor in helping get my life back.

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