Tuesday, June 03, 2008

depression update: ketamine, thyroid or what?

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Since right around the time I returned from my most recent trip to Dallas to see my specialist, my depression has become much worse and more difficult to manage.

At first I blamed the Ketamine nasal spray. Although I'd received Ketamine by IV without incident a number of times, this was the biggest change we'd made in my medication routine, so it seemed the likely culprit.

But even after I drastically reduced my use of the Ketamine nasal spray, my severe depression lingered. I was sleeping constantly and barely eating. I couldn't stand to be around anyone or deal with any stimulation. I should have been starting to feel better, but I didn't. Things weren't adding up in my mind.

The other obvious possibility didn't occur to me until about a week ago. I had an informative conversation with some good friends who also deal with depression. One of them mentioned that thyroid medication had caused her problems in the past.

Light bulb moment! While I was in Dallas in May we decided I should go back on Armour Thyroid because my T3 and T4 levels warranted treatment. I'd been on this medication back in January and I don't recall it causing any problems with my depression then. But since I stopped taking it late last week I have noticed a slow, but measurable change.

I'm still not back to where I was even a month ago, but I'm feeling much better. I hope I will continue to improve the longer I am off the Armour Thyroid.

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