Thursday, June 12, 2008

FDA review of studies on suicidal thoughts & seizure meds released

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Last week I told you the FDA was considering adding labels that warn of a risk of increased suicidal thoughts among people taking antiepileptic meds (such as Depakote, Topamax and Zonegran) after the agency's review of existing studies on the issue.

Their review was released to the public on Wednesday.

Review Finds Suicidal Actions Linked with Epilepsy Drugs

Some drug companies had argued their products should not receive warning labels because the risk was not as pronounced in certain medications as in others. The FDA's report seems to dismiss this when it states
"the effect appears consistent among the group of 11 drugs."

The FDA plans to hold a meeting on July 10 to make a decision about adding the warning labels. People in the agency have made it clear they are on the cusp of adopting the requirement.

Many people with migraine disease take a medication in this category for migraine prevention. Depakote and Topamax, both in this category, are two of the very few drugs that have been FDA approved for use in migraine prevention.

If you have concerns about taking these drugs, please discuss them with your doctors. Do not stop taking a medication or change how you are using it without consulting with your doctor.

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