Friday, June 20, 2008

great idea: vacation at home

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Here's one for the good idea file: Take your next vacation at home. That's right. Stay close to home instead of traveling for your next vacation.

Staycations: Alternatives to Pricey, Stressful Travel

The instant I read about this idea I knew it was perfect for those of us managing lives with chronic illness and pain.
I love seeing new places and experiencing new things, but a number of factors are keeping the hubby and me from getting away this summer: financial strain, limited time and my unpredictable health conditions. Travel isn't especially practical for us right now.

Although most of us aren't lucky enough to have a backyard oasis at our disposal like some of the people featured in that article, we can still make the general idea work in our own lives.

You can literally stay in your own home and take a few days away from work and other personal obligations to rest and relax. Alternately, if you prefer and if your budget allows, book a few nights at a local hotel. Where you stay is not essential. What's important is that you adopt a vacation state of mind.
  • Turn off your phones and don't check your e-mail.
  • Treat yourself by eating at your favorite local places, trying the spots you've always wanted to or by cooking your favorite simple meals. Do whatever you find relaxing.
  • Be like a tourist. Think about the activities, museums, sports and entertainment opportunities in your area and take advantage of them. What would you take your friends or family to do if they came to visit you? Take a trip to your local library to borrow books that can help you identify all the possibilities for day trips in your neck of the woods. Do a Google search for "day trips" and the name of your city, state or region.
  • Research local festivals and events and build your stay-at-home vacation around them.

The bottom line is to make the idea of a vacation work for you and your family regardless of your financial or health limitations. Think about what really makes time off relaxing for you and make it happen within your means.

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