Thursday, March 05, 2009

Droperidol & Ketamine Lollipops

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By and large I've had good luck with all the medications I've tried for migraine prevention and treatment over the past six years. A few of them have given me very bad side effects, but most didn't. Unfortunately I had an extremely bad experience with one of the drugs I tried by IV while visiting my specialist this week.

I was given an anti-nausea drug called
Droperidol for the first time on Monday afternoon. I had a bad reaction. I was completely incoherent, I couldn't stay still and I was totally uncooperative with the staff. In a nutshell, I was the complete opposite of my usual self.

I'm only now starting to feel like I've returned to normal. I'm still tired and shaky, but I'm calm and not quite as unsteady on my feet.

My bad reaction to Droperidol kind of derailed my appointment. Fortunately, they were able to try me on DHE on Tuesday and we found out that it works well for treatment of my migraine attacks. I now have it on hand to inject when I need to.

I am going to take a small dose of the muscle relaxer Zanaflex a few times a day instead of just at bedtime. Hopefully having a steady stream of it in my system will help with prevention.

The other new development is that I am trying out Ketamine in lollipop form instead of the nasal spray. So far I'm not overly thrilled with it. It's not as convenient as the nasal spray and it's far messier. But it may work better. It's too soon to tell.

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