Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Occipital Nerve Blocks: Mixed Results

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Although the occipital nerve blocks have yielded mixed results, I'm making other changes in my life that have helped me feel like I have some control again.

On my first visit to the anesthesiologist he only did the injection on the left side because my neurologist had (correctly) indicated that is where most of my problems occur. That injection really seemed to help. I got about four days of complete relief from neck and head pain.

On my second visit to the anesthesiologist I asked him to do an injection on the left and right sides to see if I could get rid of the right sided pain I was having. After the numbing agent from the injections wore off my head was really sore from the injections, but otherwise my head and neck pain was significantly reduced.

Unfortunately, those results were short lasting. I had about two days of relief and have had a left sided migraine with my typical neck pain every day since.

I'm discouraged, but not surprised. I'm still working my way up to therapeutic doses of Periactin and Depakote, so there is always a chance I could see some significant relief with those preventative options.

In the meantime I'm trying to lose some weight and get in better shape. I started tracking my nutrition and fitness habits and I'm already seeing results.

Just keeping track of what I'm putting in my mouth helps me make better choices. Even though I can't handle anything more strenuous than walking right now because of my migraines, I can do that most days. I've just been choosing not to. I have migraines whether I exercise or not, so as long as I feel well enough to do something I'm going to try to do it. Enjoying the breaking springtime and giving my dog the exercise she needs doesn't hurt, either. (Isn't my baby girl cute?!)

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