Friday, May 15, 2009

Avoid Migraines Triggered by Personal Care Products

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Migraineurs are incredily sensitive to sensory stimulation. Almost nothing is worse than dealing with smells that trigger or worsen migraines in your day to day life.

From the time we get out of bed until the moment we crawl back into it each day, most of us use many products throughout the day to cleanse our bodies and enhance our beauty. If any of these products are hard to tolerate, it's not usually as simple as just cutting them out of our lives. After all, we all need to bathe or shower, wash our hair and brush our teeth each day. However, we can easily seek out great, affordable products that don't trigger or intensify the effects of migraines.

Here are my tips:
  • keep it simple - using fewer products that can do double or triple duty reduce the chances of encountering a product that will trigger a migraine
  • seek out fragrance-free products
  • use products made for babies because you know they'll be gentle
  • tell friends & family you'd rather not receive beauty products as gifts
  • tell people if they wear a fragrance that triggers your migraines & ask them if they mind not using it around you
  • keep a record of what you've tried - when you try something and have a bad reaction, write it down and keep it with your other personal medical files to you don't have to try to remember what you had problems with
If you're concerned about the ingredients in your favorite beauty and skin care products, check out the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database:

Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database

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