Monday, June 22, 2009

Radiofrequency Procedure Done, Now We Wait & See

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I had the RFA procedure this past Wednesday, and it went well. Seeing a doctor I wouldn't mind chatting with in regular life isn't usually important to me given the difficulty of finding doctors knowledgeable, experienced and gutsy enough to to take me on. But it somehow seems more important when you're lying face down with your arms jutted out behind you in anticipation of yet another medical procedure. It's nice to be a little bit comfortable with the guy getting ready to stab your neck with needles and burn your nerves.

The procedure itself hurt a lot (not the radiofrequency part but rather the needle insertion part), but Dr. G. used plenty of numbing medicine and they put good stuff in my IV that made it tolerable while he worked.

The first few days I was very sore and relied on steady pain meds to keep the pain to a tolerable level. The pain from the procedure has improved a lot since Wednesday. I'm still having some bad head pain and migraines, though, so I hope that will eventually die down.

Dr. G. said I can expect the pain from the procedure to last as long as two or three weeks and that my pain will most likely get worse before it gets better. I'm hopeful, but guarded, that I might get some lasting results from the procedure with time. I go back for a follow up appointment in a month.

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