Friday, July 10, 2009

The Let Down of Not Having Answers

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In the weeks and months since my last visit to see my migraine specialist in Dallas I've begun to feel more and more like I didn't get the answers I wanted and expected from my visit. I noticed I felt that way again after my appointments with the pain specialist my local neurologist referred me to (the doctor who performed my radiofrequency rhizotomy [aka rfa] a few weeks ago).

Even after all this time and all these treatments and knowing what I know about my condition, a little part of me still hopes I'll show up at an appointment and the doctor will have some awesome thing to suggest that will make a humongous difference in my situation. In a way it's kind of astounding and quaint that I can still generate hope like that after all this time.

I'm feeling even more let down since my migraines and occipital neuralgia have returned to their pre-rfa level of frequency and intensity. Some part of me felt so sure this procedure would be the answer I was looking for. Something finally made sense about the pattern and characteristics of my migraines and neck pain when I learned about and was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia. It seemed logical to believe the rfa procedure would have the potential to abort my neck pain, thereby preventing the vast majority of my migraine attacks.

And it did - for two blissful weeks. The problem is that the procedure was supposed to last for at least six months. Two weeks is certainly the most relief I've had since my second round of Botox injections in December 2008 and more than I experienced when I received occiptial nerve blocks and cervical medical branch blocks. But it's still a huge disappointment.

This all begs the scary question of "What now?" I have some ideas of how to cope and move forward (go back to therapy, seek out opinions from all my doctors), but no idea what it would make sense to try next. I truly feel like I've reached the end of the road and that scares me senseless.

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