Friday, July 17, 2009

Needle-Free Sumavel DosePro Sumatriptan Injection Receives FDA Approval

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The manufacturer of Sumavel DosePro, a needle-free delivery system for the subcutaneous sumatriptan injection, has received FDA approval for the product. It is approved for the treatment of migraine and cluster headache attacks.

Sumavel DosePro Approved by FDA for Acute Migraine and Cluster Headache: First Product Featuring Novel DosePro Needle-Free Delivery System

Before Sumavel DosePro, sumatriptan was available in an injection, nasal spray and pill. Delivery mechanisms that avoid the stomach are preferable for most migraineurs because of nausea and vomitting.

Injections are usually the quickest method of getting treatment medication into the body, but many people are scared of or intimidated by needles. Now those people will have an option that provides the same benefits with almost none of the drawbacks. The one thing that might make it less desirable is that sumatriptan injections are now available in a generic, which saves patients money. Since this product is a new technology, it will be more expensive.

For more information about this product visit the manufacturer's website:

Zogenix - Sumavel DosePro

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