Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NHF Headache U: Chart Your Course to Relief with Personalized Info

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The National Headache Foundation has unveiled a fantastic new educational tool called Headache U that provides headache and migraine patients with personalized information to help them manage their conditions.

Headache U: Chart Your Course to Relief

By answering a series of questions patients can learn how to prevent and cope with their attacks by focusing on their own unique set of triggers and complicating factors.

What kind of help can I expect to get from the Chart Your Course to Relief tool?

The help and resources you receive from Chart Your Course to Relief will depend on your responses to the questions. Here are some examples:

  • Those who indicate they can’t afford headache care are offered tips on how to have a financial discussion with their healthcare provider, information on alternative therapies, as well as information on programs available for people who need prescription medication but can’t afford it.
  • For people who say they have difficulty discussing their headaches, they are offered tips for understanding and communicating their symptoms and the impact headache is having on their lives.
  • If users say their headaches are not that big of a deal and they don’t need to see a healthcare provider, they are given a link to a quick test to help them see how headaches are impacting their life. This test will help users make an educated decision about whether to see a healthcare provider.
Has anyone used Headache U yet? I went through the questions and was pleasantly surprised at the important points addressed by the responses I received. I like that it provides a list of topics with links to more information about each topic. This allows you to read through the expanded information on each topic on your own schedule and address each recommendation over time.

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